Friday, October 17, 2008

What Does My Failed Job Interview Help You With Blogging?

Shaky hands and sweaty palms. These are generally what happens when anyone goes to interview for a new job. My palms are usually sweaty so my face starts to sweat when I sit in front of the people that are asking me questions about my character and past work experience. The hands are usually a little bit shaky so my voice quivers a bit. Public speaking is one of the things most people are scared of.

I am usually semi-comfortable talking in front of people, but as I sat there looking at the sheet of questions they were going to ask me I knew that I was not qualified for this job. The job was for a manager of the entire maintenance crew. The people I would have been supervising were skilled and well trained in their fields; waste water maintenance, construction, and vehicle mechanics. I only have a small amount of experience in repairing vehicles and it's generally what I know about my old 5th generation Prelude and my current Dodge Neon, nothing else. The questions I was asked were about supervising people in a large production company and planning construction projects, things I have not done.

So why am I telling you this? Well first of all I told my girlfriend I wasn't qualified for this position (but that's a different story =P ) and was most likely wasting the time of the interviewers. And second of all, you can learn from my mistakes and ------ to your next blog post.

Know what you are writing/talking about
I was unsure of what exactly this job entailed but don't make that mistake with your posts. Do a little research about what you are going to post. Read what other people have posted on the subject and try to become an expert on it for that post.

Blend in personal experiences
If you have any personal experiences that relate to your post than make sure to talk about it. This gives your blog a better voice and allows your readers to connect with you more.

Learn from your mistakes
Everyone makes mistakes, both in life and on the internet. Make sure you learn from them and don't make them again. This is big one for life in general not just blogging.


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