Monday, November 3, 2008

Differences Between Hobby Bloggers And Professional Bloggers Work Spaces

Whether on a laptop in the living room or on a company computer during brief periods of busy work, the place where you blog can have a huge impact on the quality of posts. A lot of bloggers that do this as a hobby generally type their posts in a very relaxed and comfortable manner.

I started a thread at my favorite blogging forum, Bloggeries, where I asked where people sat and blogged. Most of them blog as a hobby and the answers reflected that. Here are a few of their answers...
ghing - I usually blog at my desk in our office..

sometimes on the pantry.. hehe...
I don't have PC at home so I usually blog in our office...

cjharley - I sit on my couch with my laptop appropriately in my lap while the TV is on in the background.

sadiessay-so - During the week when you see me post during the day I'm at work waiting on the other accountants to process more payments. At night, like now. I'm laying back on my couch with my laptop watching TV.

napkinpirate - I say at work in the middle of checking people in and out of the hotel...or at home afterwards on my bed with my laptop...

Now, lets switch gears and think about the people who run very successful blogs and/or blog for a living. Forgetting those people who are technically journalists but run a blog off a news site, most professional bloggers write at their desk in an office. Here are a few pictures of professional bloggers work spaces...

Images are of Zac Johnson, Super Affiliate's workspace.

Image is of Jeremy Schoemaker of's workspace.

As you can see once it becomes more of a job and the stakes are higher, blogging on your laptop while sitting on the couch with the TV on in the background just won't cut it.

I still sometimes blog on my couch while watching the television (like I am doing now), but found that I focused better while sitting at our kitchen table which is acting like our desk. The TV is out of eyesight so it cannot distract me and I can concentrate more on writing.

Where do you sit and blog? Please comment...


Von said...

Gah - SOOO jealous of the pro bloggers work spaces. I usually have the laptop on the knees and TV on - need constant info feeds!

One day i'll have an office like that. Just need a bazzillion more readers!

Boss said...

Thanks for the comment Von. Yeah, we all wish we had workspaces like that. It'd be nice to have a couple monitors and a big desk where we could work.

Oh, and a bazzillion readers would be nice too!

Julie said...

I have a large home office with two desk, and an extra monitor that I hook up to my laptop normally. But for the past 5 days (today is 6) I have been working in bed. I'm actually finding it to be more productive for me.

I blogged about this yesterday in fact:

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