Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Is Microblogging Still A Fad?

If you have found your way to Everything Blog Magazine then you are most likely interested in blogs and blogging. I've been running websites for a long time now and got back into blogging a couple of months ago. When I came across microblogging, I thought it was just a fad that would probably fade away after a couple of years. Obviously that is not the case.

Microblogging has not faded and in fact, with the success of Twitter, it seems like it is here to stay. But why does writing 160 characters or less appeal to so many people?

I think the small messages people send on these microblogging services appeals to every ones fast paced life style. Basically these little messages we send through these services are just text messages sent online. And in fact there are a few programs that allow you to use Twitter with your phone like TwitterFon, Twittelator, and TwitterBerry.

With the millions of people using microblogging services it is probably a good idea to join a few of the services to stay connected with your readers and other bloggers from around the world.

Twitter isn't the only microblog service either. Plurk is the other popular service that a lot of people have joined. But there are still others including Jaiku which Google acquired last year. Although like Gmail when it first came out, you can only join Jaiku if an existing member invites you. Don't know anyone on Jaiku? Go to and ask for an invite. Pownce and are a couple less popular services and Rejaw is a brand new one. Do you know of other microblogging services I missed? Then please comment below.

On top of the microblogging services there are services that can update all your microblog and social network statuses at the same time. HelloTxt is probably the most popular one but new ones are being created all the time. A similar service called kwippy shares your statuses with the world but in a different way. By adding kwippy to your instant message service you share your statuses and receive comments on them.

If the microblog services that are around just do not work for you, how about you check out Twingr. Twingr allows you to create your own microblog community. Your new microblog community will be hosted on their site and it can be about anything you want.

All these services just aren't enough, but there is also a microblog wiki, a site dedicated to microblog news Microblink, and even a social media site like Digg or Reddit at which gives you the opportunity to submit and vote on microblog news.

There are just so many ways to get involved with microblogging and so many people using it that it is something you should absolutely contribute to if you run a blog or a site.

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Rajeev Edmonds said...

Very interesting post indeed.

Twitter has certainly emerged as the most popular social media service. Entrepreneurs, Internet marketers, webmaster, small business owners, big organizations, bloggers and almost every body who is concerned to grow their online presence seems to be addicted to twitter.

Boss said...

Yeah, I agree Rajeev, Twitter is now a must for anybody online. You connect with millions of people and get out your message so easily. Even the big companies are now getting involved.

Mike Templeton said...

What I think we've seen is microblogging emerging as a new platform. We defined microblogging on our website as a "small-scale form of blogging," which categorizes it as a derivative of blogs.

Though there are many microblogging platforms that exist today, I think Twitter will remain king unless something drastic happens to shake things up. That's not to say that other platforms won't succeed or continue to exist, but I don't think any of the others will reach the same number of users as Twitter has currently.

Boss said...

Thanks for the comment Mike. I don't see another service even competing with Twitter.

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