Monday, December 1, 2008

30 Day Blogging Challenge

I have been neglecting this blog far more than I'd like to. My stats were decent when I was posting every day but have dropped a lot since I have taken a week off a couple different times. So as have today, December 1st, I will be taking the 30 day blogging challenge. I will be posting every day from now until the last day of December.

Image courtesy of Marcos Vasconcelos Photography

I like to think of this 30 day challenge as a marathon because it will be difficult to write 30 quality posts in 30 days especially with a new puppy and my job as a basketball coach, but I am going to try. Once the challenge is over I will be reviewing all of the stats and write a post about it.


Blog for Beginners said...

Well, I'm not to sure if I'd be able to write consistently for the next 30 days but I certainly wish you all the best. Keep blogging, pal.


Boss said...

Thanks for the comment Yan. I know this is going to be difficult but I am up to the challenge.

I hope for every post to have great content but obviously some are going to be better than others. The main reason for this challenge is to push myself to write more articles and get my blog out there to more people.

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