Saturday, December 6, 2008

Blogs Are Being Sold Left And Right

One of the reasons people start to blog is to get their thoughts feelings out and possibly help others with relevant information. Another reason is to make money.

There are some that blog professionaly and there are some that just earn extra income from it. Most of the time bloggers earn money from advertisements but there are many other income streams that bloggers can and do earn money from.

One of the most popular ones as of late is selling their established blogs. There are a couple of different reasons for selling their blogs. First, they have no time to update the blog anymore. Many factors can suck up the extra time most of us use to post on our blogs including a new baby, a new job, or many other things. Secondly they hope to make some money off the articles they have written, the traffic their blog gets, or even the readers that follow their blog.

Now selling websites is not a new thing but selling blogs has become very popular. Ever since a blog sold for $15 million everyone has tried to cash in on this.

Personally I would find it hard to sell all the things I have written and a site I had worked so hard on. I would probably just hire a staff and continue my blog running if I wanted to start a new project. If you are planning on selling your blog just give it some good thought.

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Blog for Beginners said...

The popularity of site flipping can not be underestimated. Success breeds more success. Since the demand is still high, blogs are being sold left, right and center...


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